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Private equity is a maturing and attractive asset class in Australasia. However, smaller Australasian businesses are not well supported commercially. Ara seeks to close the gap toward the smaller end of Australian and New Zealand capital markets, traditionally not a focus of many larger funds, by providing equity and debt financing.

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Private businesses often requiring both capital and significant commercial input to position themselves for larger institutional investment. Typically investee companies are:

  • Positive cash flow and revenues less than $100M, requiring capital plus skills to help transform them into high growth, well-structured enterprises.
  • Owners seeking assistance with growth, turnaround, transition or succession.
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  • Niche “roll-ups”. Aggregation plays with high margin established businesses, including financial services, security technology, food, digital printing, manufacturing, distribution, waste management and agri-business.
  • “Stranded” infrastructure. Private ownership of specific infrastructure assets, benefiting from investment or improved structuring outside of larger enterprises. Including energy, power, water, waste management and specific-use property.
  • Specific opportunities. Opportunistic plays with standalone attractive businesses, including retail, services, logistics, resource services and health care.  
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